Welcome to the Minimal SaaS Cities demonstration. This demonstration consists of three pieces.

The CSS design of this page is intentionally spartan with a minimum of fancy formatting tricks. The main goal of this demonstration is to demonstrate the techniques for implementing the communication between the three pieces. As such, the CSS design is intentionally quite simple so as to make the source code easy to read and not confuse function provided by the browser's CSS engine with front-end function implemented using the web programming framework.

Likewise, the column sort function is implemented by the database (or in some cases by its API library on the application server) In a really SaaS product, it would probably make more sense to sort this type of table in the web front-end. However, the goal of this demonstration is to demonstrate RESTful API techniques and showing how to pass the sort parameters in the API takes precedence over achieving the snappiest performance in the browser.

Note: the add, delete, and update functions are not implemented yet.

United States City Key Data

32 cities in the database

Click a column header to sort. Click it again to reverse the sort order.

City State Population Crime Index Cost Index